Products and Services

Indoor Cycling Classes

Each Power Up Cycling class is one hour of individualized, coach supervised training. Our professional coaches custom design your workout based on your fitness, experience, and goals. During class, our coaches coach, they do not ride. They make certain you understand your workout and are doing it as designed. If adjustments are needed mid-workout, our coaches are there to make them.

Power Up uses Computrainers®. Accurate to within +/- 2.5%, they are the gold standard of indoor trainers. Computrainers allow clients to ride their own bike on any of the over 100 coach-designed or downloaded race courses in our system.

By providing individualized workouts on a course specifically selected for you and by tracking metrics such as power, heart rate, and cadence, we ensure you are making the most efficient use of your training time and making real, measurable progress toward your personal goals.

Your bike, your goals, and your workout.

Pricing: 1 session - $30, 10 sessions - $250

Performance Camps

Custom designed packages of our classes and services geared to get you ready for your big event, work on a specific aspect of your cycling fitness, or just make you stronger and faster. Camps last 6 weeks and include a personalized training plan designed to deliver measurable results.

On average, our Performance Camp participants increase their power output 5% - 10% in just 6 weeks.

Pricing varies depending on the design of the specific camp.

Lactate Threshold Testing

Using a lactate analyzer, we will evaluate your current fitness and determine what areas you should be focusing on in training and what your current training zones are. Unlike a solely power-based fitness test, this test results in a profile of the energy system and fuel (fats or carbohydrates) you are using at specific power outputs.

Each test is followed by a consultation and discussion of the results.

Price: $150

Power Up Professional Bike Fit

Power Up’s proprietary fit methodology is based on years of refinement and experience fitting some of the world’s top cyclists. Power Up uses a Retül motion capture system and focuses on optimizing how the rider engages their bike to maximize performance and comfort. Each fitting includes a professional analysis of your cleat position, pedaling style and overall form on the bike.

Cycling is a dynamic activity. A dynamic bike fit is, therefore, the best way to optimize a rider’s position on the bike.

Price: $300