Because results matter...Power Up!

Power Up @ Big Shark is St. Louis’ premier indoor cycling training facility where cyclists of all abilities are welcome. From beginners getting ready for their first organized bicycle event to seasoned veterans preparing for their 10th Ironman, Power Up’s professional coaching staff can help you reach your cycling and fitness goals. Our mission is to help each athlete achieve their personal cycling and fitness goals. Since every athlete is different, we custom design every workout based on their individual fitness, experience, and goals.

What makes Power Up different than other indoor cycling training facilities?

Unlike other indoor cycling classes where all participants are doing the same workout on the same course, in Power Up classes, each individual is doing their own personalized workout on a course specifically selected for them. In addition, during the class, our coaches are coaching, not riding. They are making certain everyone understands their workout and are doing it as designed. If individual adjustments are needed mid-workout, our coaches are there to make them

This is NOT 'One size fits all' training.

In addition to indoor cycling classes, Power Up Cycling offers a wide variety of programs to help cyclists and multi-sport athletes achieve their goals and take their performance to the next level. These programs include:

  • Performance Camps: These are 6 week training programs designed to work on specific aspects of cycling fitness or to get athletes ready for specific events.

  • Clinics: These are 1 – 3 day sessions (both outdoor and indoor) designed to teach specific cycling skills (e.g., climbing, cornering) and/or teach important endurance sport related topics (e.g., nutrition, race strategy).

  • Lactate Threshold Testing: This testing provides valuable information with regard to setting training zones and determining an athlete’s aerobic and anaerobic capacities.

  • Personal Training: This training is geared to athletes preparing for a specific event(s) or a competitive season. One of our professional coaches designs a complete training program specifically designed to get you in the best shape possible for your event(s) and/or competitive season.

  • Professional Bike Fits: Power Up’s fitting process includes a dynamic analysis of your position, form and pedaling style on your bike. The goal of our fits is to optimize the cyclist’s comfort and performance on their bike.

  • Additional Services: 1-on-1 sessions by appointment, group or club training, and longer endurance sessions.

So, whether you are training for your very first cycling event or your tenth Ironman®,

Power Up is for you!